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What Is Attracting Desert Pests to Your Yard?

505980237Desert pests could mean big trouble for your landscaping aspirations. If you are serious about your plant life, it is important to minimize the amount of pests on your property. Use this guide to figure out what is attracting desert pests so you can prevent them from ruining your planting efforts:

Standing Water

Although water can add a lot to a desert landscape, it does leave you more susceptible for certain pests like mosquitos. If you have fountains or other water features in your yard, it is important to properly maintain them so you can avoid visits from these annoying pests.


If you let the weeds grow wild in your yard, pests like mosquitos and ticks have the perfect place to gather. Make an effort to control the weeds in your yard so you can avoid issues with pests like these.

Holes in the Walls

Even small holes in the wall surrounding your property could let in certain pests like rats. Spend some time walking around the perimeter of your yard to patch up any holes that you see. You should also make sure there are no large spaces beneath the walls or between the house and the ground. If there are, you should find a way to fill them in.

Piles of Leaves and Other Debris

If there are various piles in your yard, it makes it much easier for pests to come to settle on your land without your knowledge. Hire a landscape company to get rid of the piles of leaves and debris to make it more difficult for unwelcome critters to find a safe place to stay on your land.

With the help of Santa Rita Landscaping, you can minimize the amount of areas that attract pests to your home. For almost thirty years, we have served as one of the top landscape design companies in Tucson. Whether you want to maintain your current landscape or design a completely new one, we can help. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (520) 623-0421.

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