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Tips for Planning a Victory Garden

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA lot of people are afraid to develop any kind of landscape design in their Tucson yards because the extreme heat makes it hard to keep certain plants properly watered. A victory garden gives you a way to create shade and optimize irrigation efforts without wasting a lot of water. Keep reading to learn more about what a victory garden is and how to plan one for your yard so your own plants can thrive.

Placing Lots of Plants Put Close Together

The secret to a victory garden is planting a lot of plants densely. All of these plants together create shade that can provide protection for neighboring plants to prevent too much direct sunlight from ruining your landscaping. This dense planting style helps you keep your plants alive while the harsh Arizona sun beats down on them.

Creating Irrigation Rows

Add a specific valve to your irrigation system to specifically water your victory garden. This will allow you to water your victory garden more frequently while watering other areas of your yard separately. This gives you the chance to ensure that each plant has enough water without significantly increasing your utility costs. It also allows the plants to thrive even during the hottest parts of the summer.

Maintaining Your Victory Garden

If you can manage to create enough shade and plenty of irrigation in your victory garden, you can keep your plant life alive throughout the year even as the temperatures soar above 100 degrees.

If you need help creating a victory garden or any other landscape design in your backyard, Santa Rita Landscaping can help. With some of the best residential and commercial landscaping services in Tucson, we know what it takes to keep plants alive in the desert climate. For more information about our services, visit us online or call (520) 623-0421.

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