Creating an Enjoyable Outdoor Living Space in the Southwest | 14'

Creating an Enjoyable Outdoor Living Space in the Southwest

Outdiir Living Space

With beautiful weather for most of the year, living in the Southwest gives you the perfect opportunity to create an outdoor living space on your property. Take advantage of the sunshine and favorable temperatures by using the following tips to build yourself a functional and comfortable outdoor living space.

Incorporate Pottery and Terracotta

Adobe, pottery, and terracotta are easily recognizable symbols of Southwest design that can withstand time in direct sunlight. If you want to keep your outdoor living space complementary to the area in which you live, you should incorporate some of these features with your landscape design. From Olla pottery holders for plants to terracotta tiles, these decorative features can add a lot to your exterior design.

Add Some Fountains

Fountains help you create some movement in the yard while enhancing the look and feel of the features around it. Choose a few natural stone fountains and place them throughout the backyard to create a certain atmosphere for your property that lets you truly enjoy your new outdoor living space.

Surround the Landscaping with Gravel

Instead of trying to plant something like grass that does not thrive in the desert, you should fill in the spaces in your landscaping with gravel. Choose gravel in a desert hue to keep the theme of the outdoor living space in tact.

Work on Your Patio

If you want the opportunity to really enjoy your outdoor living area, you have to create a comfortable place for sitting and eating. Make sure the patio has plenty of shade and seating so you and your guests can sit outside and enjoy the weather at any time of year.

The landscape design experts at Santa Rita Landscaping can help you create a beautiful outdoor area for your home. We also specialize in commercial construction and maintenance to ensure that the businesses of Tucson have the opportunity to optimize the aesthetic appeal of their property. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (520) 623-0421.

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