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How Upgrading Your Landscape Can Help Sell Your Home

Style- Desert 4If you’re getting ready to sell your Tucson home, you’ve likely already begun cleaning and organizing the interior. However, a home’s exterior appearance can also have a large impact on the speed with which it sells. Upgrading your landscaping can give potential buyers a great first impression by increasing your curb appeal. The right landscaping can even increase your home’s overall value by up to 10 percent.


Clean It Up
Even if you don’t want to make major upgrades to your landscaping, some simple maintenance can make a big difference. A home that looks overrun or poorly cared-for on the outside doesn’t give buyers the impression you want. Buyers may even be discouraged from looking at the interior of your home if they don’t find the exterior appealing. Make sure your yard is free of debris and that all landscaping is neat and well trimmed. These simple steps can instantly make your home look more inviting.

Freshen Up the Decorative Gravel
Older gravel tends to look faded and worn, making the rest of your yard appear faded as well. Replacing old gravel with fresh product can instantly spruce up your home’s exterior by giving your yard a refreshed look. When buyers see that you’ve made the effort to keep your yard looking fresh and new, they’ll also be more likely to want to see more of your home.

Add Color
A bland, colorless yard doesn’t stand out among the many other homes for sale in Tucson. Adding color through landscaping elements will instantly draw attention to your home. Depending on the season, add plants that are currently blooming for an instant pop of color. If you don’t want to add plants permanently, place them in vessels or pots to achieve the same effect.

Santa Rita Landscaping can help you sell your home with landscape design and maintenance services in Tucson. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your landscaping or simply clean up your yard, call us at (520) 623-0421 to schedule a visit. You can also reach us by clicking on our web contact form.

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