The Santa Rita Way | Santa Rita Landscaping | 2014

The Santa Rita Way

When you hire Santa Rita Landscaping to take care of your yard, we understand that you are trusting us with the aesthetic of your property. We take this responsibility very seriously. From the moment you pick up the phone to schedule an initial consultation, we promise to provide thoughtful and respectful landscaping services. We hold ourselves to a very high standard, and each of our employees adheres to the “Santa Rita Way.”

Our Mission and Values
As Southern Arizona’s landscape solution, our remarkable team strives to produce stellar results for our Tucson clients. Our main values are accountability, professionalism, teamwork, integrity, quality work, and constant improvement. Every day that we’re on the job, we reflect on our company’s values and do our best to apply them to the job at hand. We’re not ones to rest on our laurels—instead, we’re always striving to provide better services to our clients.

What We Expect from Our Employees
We expect a lot from our employees, and they are proud to deliver. First and foremost is safety. We do not permit our employees to work under unsafe conditions, and we expect them to maintain a safe environment for our clients. We also encourage our employees to see things from the homeowner’s perspective and ask the question, “Is this what I would want in my yard?”

What We Expect from Our Leaders
Our leaders are obliged to follow many of the same rules as our employees. Our leaders are also encouraged to maintain our high standards, help others achieve and exceed their goals, and find safe solutions to whatever issues may arise. A good leader should be able to recognize good work performance and reward it accordingly.

The Santa Rita Way has served us and our clients well for nearly 30 years. If you’re looking to create an elegant new landscape, or need someone to maintain your commercial building, trust the team at Santa Rita Landscaping. Our three owners have over 75 years of combined experience.

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