Landscape Ideas for a Southwestern Home

The Sonoran Desert is a unique climate that can support many types of plants. Southwestern landscaping design often features a variety of native desert plants that lend color and texture to your yard. Creating a Southwestern-styled landscape that complements your Tucson home will bring your home and yard into harmony to greatly enhance curb appeal.

Pots and Vessels
Landscape Ideas for a Southwestern Home





Housing plants in pots and vessels can create a neat, tidy, and easily-maintainable Southwestern yard. clay, stone, and Mexican-styled terracotta or Talavera pots can all lend character and beauty to your landscaping. Plants ranging from small flowers or cactus to larger trees can all be placed in vessels, as long as they are sized correctly. Drip irrigation systems on their own zone make caring for plants in pots and vessels easy and convenient.

Water Features
Water Feature- Architectural 1





Fountains and other water features are popular elements of Southwestern landscaping. You can incorporate a standalone fountain or create a water feature that blends seamlessly with the other elements of your landscaping. Keep in mind that because water evaporates quickly in the desert, you may need to refill your fountain frequently. Auto-fill features can minimize the effort required to keep your water feature full.

Planter 7





Tucson lies nestled among mountains and much of the desert terrain itself is hilly and varied. You can represent this geographical element in your home’s landscaping by using terracing techniques that take advantage of natural variations rather than trying to create a uniform, flat yard. Multiple tiers can be made out of stone, wood, or even manmade materials such as railroad ties. When laying out your landscaping using terracing, make sure the plants that need the most water are placed at the bottom, while those that are most drought- and sun-resistant are at the top.

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