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Creating a Southwestern Lawn Care Calendar

Style- Contemporary 2Maintaining a lush, green yard in Tucson is possible with the right amount tender loving care. If you want to grow a lawn in the desert climate, it’s important to know how to care for your grass to keep it healthy all year long. Creating a Southwestern lawn care calendar can help you maintain a healthy landscape that will enhance the exterior appeal of your home.


Spring Care
Applying pre-emergents during the spring will prevent summer weeds from taking over and affecting the health of your lawn. Once your grass starts growing, you can begin mowing your lawn. Keep grass about two inches tall for optimum health and growth. If your lawn has developed thatch—old, dead grass stems—take the time now to remove it to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the soil during the summer.

Summer Care
The beginning of the summer season is a good time to fertilize your lawn to promote lush growth. If you’ve had past problems with grubs, you may also want to add a grub-killing product to the mix. Mow your lawn regularly to keep growth under control, but take care not to over-cut grass. You’ll need to mow less often during hot, dry periods than moist periods; wait until grass blades are about three inches tall before you pull out the mower.

Fall Care
Fall is the time to prepare your lawn for the winter ahead. Keep mowing until the grass falls dormant and stops growing. A pre-emergent herbicide will prevent weeds from taking hold over the winter months, if you do not plan to overseed with rye. Add fertilizer as well to provide your grass with the nutrients it will need in the spring. Make sure to keep your lawn clear of leaves and other debris and take care of any weeds that do spring up promptly. If you want a green lawn in the winter, you will need to overseed the lawn with rye seed in early October.

Let the experts at Santa Rita Landscaping help you care for your Tucson lawn all year long. We offer a variety of services, including landscape design, yard maintenance, and homebuilder and commercial construction. Visit us on the web or call (520) 623-0421 for more information about us.

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