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What You Need to Know About Desert Gardens

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The desert climate and landscape is unlike any other. If you are new to the area and want to develop a thriving garden in Tucson, this guide will help you understand the unique characteristics of plants, trees, and bushes of the desert.

You Have a Huge Array of Options

You might not realize it, but desert gardens can actually support a wide variety of plant life, which means you have a wide range of choices for your own landscape design. From cactus to tropical plants, the mild winters and excessive sunshine create the ideal environment for many different types of plants. You might want to consider incorporating a few different species into your yard to create an interesting aesthetic for your garden. A landscape expert can assure you that the selected plants get planted in the correct location of your yard, which assures that they take advantage of the correct micro-climate of the yard.

You Can Plant Year Round

In most climates, the spring is the best time to plant. But in the desert, you can plant most species year-round. Generally, frost-sensitive plants are better planted closer to the Spring so they have time to grow roots that will be able to get them through the cool winter. Native cacti as well as hardier shrubs and trees can generally be planted anytime. Your landscape professional can help guide you through your options.

You Should Know Your Rain

Summer rain in the desert is very different from winter rain. During the winter, a rainy day usually lasts for a few hours and gives the soil a premium opportunity to soak up plenty of water to nourish the plants. A monsoon during the summer, however, brings torrential downpours that lead to massive water runoff that prevents the soil from absorbing enough water. These summer storms might actually damage your plant life, especially if you decrease your irrigation efforts because you think the rain will keep them watered. You generally need to continue watering during the monsoon season.

If you are new to the area, Santa Rita Landscaping, Inc. can show you the best kinds of plants to include in your desert yard. As one of Tucson’s top landscaping design firms, we know how to incorporate a variety of plant species to build your dream exterior design. To learn more about our design and maintenance services, visit us online or call (520) 623-0421.

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