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A Guide to Kid-Friendly Landscape Design


When you have children, you have to consider them in every decision pertaining to your home décor. Think about these custom residential landscaping ideas to get new aesthetic appeal and kid-friendly function for your exterior design.

Consider Your View of the Yard

Whether your children are 3 or 10, you should be able to keep an eye on them while they are playing outside. For this reason, you should focus your plant search on options that grow low or open wide. If you choose plants that are too tall or too dense, it severely obscures your view of the yard and hinders your ability to watch over your children.

Add a Soft Play Area

Redoing your landscape gives you the opportunity to add some features that encourage you and the children to spend more time outside. Talk to the landscape artists about incorporating some softer grass areas throughout the yard to create a place where your children can play safely. This grassy area can also serve as the ideal spot for an outdoor table where you can entertain.

Make It Pretty

Kids are attracted to bright colors and plentiful textures. Ask your children to choose a few of their favorite colors that you can incorporate into the landscape design with plants and flowers. Choosing the landscape features with your kids in mind is a great way to ensure that they feel included in the design process.

Make Sure the Plants Are Non-Toxic

There are plenty of potentially dangerous plants that are commonly found in gardens. Talk to your landscape designer about the plants you choose to make sure you have not included any toxic species. Desert marigold, common buttonbush, and even the common sunflower are species that could be extremely dangerous for your kids.

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