Understanding the Hallmarks of a Successful Landscape Design Project

The purpose of landscaping is to improve the appearance of the natural land around your Tucson home or business. A successful landscape design project should complement and enhance the exterior of your property without destroying or detracting from the natural desert landscape. Understanding the factors that make a landscape design successful is essential to creating the perfect outdoor environment for your needs.

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Beauty and Functionality

A successful landscape design should be both visually appealing and functional. Although plants can be beautiful, if your yard is overrun by greenery, you won’t be able to access certain areas of your property. The idea behind landscaping is to combine elements of organic and inorganic décor to create an outdoor living space you can enjoy. This means integrating flowers, shrubs, and trees with pathways, trellises, fencing, gates, and patios or decks to achieve both livability and curb appeal. Your landscape designer should take your personal preferences and needs into mind when he draws up a layout for your yard. Whether you want to add a garden, play area, or entertainment spot, these elements can be combined with your landscaping to culminate in the perfect yard for your needs.


Another key hallmark of a successful landscaping project is sustainability. Flowers and other plants should be appropriate to the environment to ensure they will return each year. Desert landscaping in Tucson often requires that plants be drought-resistant, tolerant to high levels of sun and heat, and hardy down to temperatures near or below freezing. Using plants that cannot survive in these conditions will only mean additional costs to remove and replace them in the future. In many cases, creating a landscaping design also includes adding an irrigation system to make caring for softscaping elements easy and efficient.

Santa Rita Landscaping can help you find the perfect landscaping solution that will meet your residential or commercial needs. We also offer award-winning commercial and homebuilder construction services throughout the Tucson area. If you would like more information, please call (520) 623-0421 or contact us online.

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