Landscaping Vines That Are Perfect for Arizona

Vines make an excellent addition to any landscaping project. Lush, flowering vines bring color, texture, and shade to your home’s exterior by adding a vertical element to your desert yard. There are a variety of twining and climbing vines that thrive in the warm environment of Tucson, so keep reading to explore just a few of your landscaping options.


Bougainvillea vines are prized not only for their beauty, but for their hardiness as well. This popular landscaping vine remains evergreen during mild winters, but can survive even when the temperature drops below freezing. Although it may die in cold winters, it will typically come back the following spring. Bougainvillea will produce flowers for weeks at a time during warmer seasons; its small white flowers are surrounded by three large bracts that range in color from golden yellow to deep red or purple. The most common for the Tucson area are the San Diego Red and Fuchsia Barbara Hurst. This vine can withstand full sun, but should be placed in areas that offer some protection from the wind.


Mexican Flame Vine

The Mexican flame vine is an extremely hardy, pest-resistant, and drought-tolerant vine that is perfect for desert landscaping. Mexican flame vine grows quickly in nearly any type of soil and is able to take full sunlight. It works well on a variety of outdoor surfaces, including trellises, fences, mailboxes, and porch railings. This vine produces clusters of orange-red flowers that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your yard.


Queen’s Wreath

Queen’s wreath is a perennial vine well-suited for hot summers and cold winters. In the summer and fall, this vine produces vibrant pink or white flowers with heart-shaped petals. Queen’s wreath grows well on trellises, arbors, and fences, providing a comfortable shady spot to escape the summer heat. Because this vine can be very aggressive, strangling other plants for food and water, it should be planted well away from other softscaping elements.


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