What is Sustainable Landscape Management?

Today, many homes and businesses are interested in improving their sustainability. Sustainable landscape management utilizes practices that minimize or reuse valuable resources to reduce the negative environmental impact of landscaping and maintenance. Santa Rita Landscaping proudly uses sustainable landscape management practices in all of our commercial landscaping services.

Sustainable Landscape Management Practices

Sustainable landscape management practices make use of reusable or renewable resources in the field of landscape maintenance. One of the most popular sustainable landscape management practices is the use of “gray water” systems, which recycle non-potable water from sinks, tubs, showers, dishwashers and washing machines into landscaping irrigation systems. Recycled products, such as glass, rubber, wood, and tiles, can be used to create mulch, paving stones, and decorative elements for landscaping purposes. The use of compost-derived fertilizers, solar-powered landscape lighting, and integrated pest management techniques are further examples of sustainable landscape management practices.

Importance of Sustainable Landscape Management

Over time, non-sustainable landscape practices have a significant negative effect on the environment. Soil erosion and chemical runoff can contaminate local water sources, destroying their delicate ecosystems and threatening human residents as well. Harsh chemical pesticides can kill beneficial wildlife as well as the pests they are meant to target. Overuse of water and electricity results in water shortages and unnecessary pollution, while failure to utilize recyclable materials increases the volume of items in local landfills. Sustainable landscape management can minimize or completely solve many of these problems, benefitting commercial clients as well as their surrounding environment. Less water and electricity usage means lower utility bills and less overall pollution, while the use of safer pest control methods protects the local ecosystem. Sustainable landscape management practices show not only a dedication to protecting your local community but the global environment as well.

If you’d like more information about Santa Rita Landscaping’s commercial sustainable landscaping management practices in Tucson, contact us today by calling (520) 623-0421. Our landscaping team will work with you to create a sustainable and beautiful landscape you’ll love for its longevity and reduced costs. Check us out on the web for more information about sustainable landscaping and Tucson landscape design.

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