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All-Natural Pest Control Tricks for your Garden

Pests have no place in your desert garden, but can you get rid of them without the concerns that chemical pesticides present? The answer is yes—there are a number of all-natural pest control tricks to enhance the beauty and health of your Tucson landscaping. These methods are safe for use in yards with children and pets, and will even protect your local ecosystem when used in place of toxic chemicals.

Eliminate Standing Water

Especially in the dry desert climate, pests are drawn to sources of fresh water. Check your landscaping regularly to spot standing water or leaks in your yard’s irrigation system. Contact a landscape management service to handle any water issues—this will not only make your yard less appealing for pests, but save you money on wasted water as well.

Use Diatomaceous Earth

Made from the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton, diatomaceous earth is a crushed powder that can be spread over soil and other landscape areas. When insects, snails, or slugs move over areas that contain diatomaceous earth, the powder causes them to dehydrate, eliminating them without the use of chemicals. Diatomaceous earth is effective on many types of pests, including ants, fleas, silverfish, cockroaches, ticks, tomato hornworms, beetles, and slugs.

Create Homemade Ant Baits

Boric acid is a very low-toxicity mineral used in many green pest management practices. You can get rid of ant activity in your landscaping by dissolving one teaspoon of boric acid into two cups of water. Add six tablespoons of sugar to sweeten the mix. Pour the mixture into a jar lid or small dish, then place one to two cotton balls into the solution and set the lid in the suspected path of ants. Over time, the ants will remove pieces of the cotton balls and take them back to the colony to feed others.

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