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Does Your Lawn Need a New Look? Try These Beautiful Plants

Choosing plants suited to the Sonoran Desert add beauty as well as ease of maintenance to your home’s landscaping features. Desert plants thrive on the conditions found in the Southwest, requiring plenty of sun but very little water to grow. Keep reading to discover just a few of the beautiful plants you should consider adding to your Tucson yard.


Guara are hardy perennials that produce white or pink rosette-shaped flowers on long stalks. The unique flowers of the guara plant are said to resemble butterflies. These fast-growing flowers are native to the Southern Arizona and Mexico regions. They are hypoallergenic and have no thorns, making them ideal for any yard. Guara also produce very little plant debris and will bloom from summer through fall.

Arizona Poppy

You can add a little state pride to your Tucson yard with the Arizona poppy. This summer-blooming flower features orange or yellow petals and a dark red center—colors reminiscent of those found on the state flag. Arizona poppies flourish during the monsoon season, adding bright flowers and dark green foliage to your landscaping.

Pink Muhly

Pink muhly grass is a great landscaping plant that can be placed around fountains, pools, and other features. This grass bursts into color in the fall, producing airy pink plumes that transform your yard into a blanket of deep pink and rose. Pink Muhly is a fast-growing grass that produces medium green foliage that fades to tan in the fall, then reappears in the spring to begin its growth cycle anew.

Flame Honeysuckle

If you’re looking to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your Tucson yard, flame honeysuckle is an excellent choice. This moderate-growth desert shrub produces beautiful orange flowers in the summer through late fall, and offers medium-coverage, sprawling foliage cover at other times of the year.

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