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Backyard Features to Enjoy This Spring

Springtime in Southern Arizona brings glorious weather and many new blooms. It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy outdoor living. Spend even more time outside this spring by incorporating these backyard features into your home landscaping.

Artificial Turf For Outdoor Play

In the rocky desert landscape, it can be difficult to maintain grass. That’s why many homeowners choose to add artificial turf to their landscaping. Artificial turf gives your home that green, healthy look and allows little ones, or even pets to frolic outside on a soft, welcoming surface. If you love golf, you can even use turf to add a personal putting green to your outdoor oasis.

Fire Pits for Warm Nights

Springtime in the desert means that temperature still cool down quite a bit in the evenings. This is a great time of year to get out the marshmallows and enjoy a toasty fire in your backyard.  From more natural looking rock pits to modern, sleek sculptural designs, there are fire pits to match every type of home style. Plus natural gas designs are easy to use and maintain.

Water Features for Relaxation

Incorporate a water feature to your landscape design and enjoy the relaxing sound of water falling travelling over rocks or a bubbling spring. Similar to fire pits, water features are available in a variety of custom natural or architectural designs. Recreate the essence of a natural pond in your yard, or install a sophisticated Mediterranean style fountain. Water features are guaranteed to add soothing sights and sounds to your home.

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