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3 Common Stone, Rock, and Paved Options for Landscape Paths

Installing paths, patios, and sitting areas using stone and rock allows you to get the most out of an outdoor space. Paths and paved areas are visually pleasing and offer opportunities to incorporate planting vignettes, water features, and outdoor lighting into your overall design.

Below are a few common rock and stone options for creating outdoor paths and walkways.


This is a durable, and easy to care for material that works with a variety of landscape designs. Flagstone pathways look very luxurious and feature small gaps between the naturally varying shapes and sizes of flat stones. Flagstone is good for use around water features and pool areas because it is less slippery than other types of stone. Choose from a range of colors including rose, deep reddish brown, chocolate, or lighter tan.


Travertine comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it a popular choice for patios and pathways. Natural, rough travertine is more appropriate for an outdoor space, because it will remain porous to water and be safer to walk on. Since travertine varies in toughness, check with your landscape design expert to find the best type of travertine for your outdoor needs.


Brick pathways and patios are affordable, classic, and easy to care for. Choose from a variety of hues including traditional deep red, lighter tan, and even blue gray. The rough surface of a brick path or patio makes it safe to walk on when wet.  Many homeowners opt to create patterned brick pathways or even mosaics to add extra interest to their garden or landscape.

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