Weed Control Tips for Monsoon Season

Arizona receives an average of 12 and half inches of rain annually, although amounts vary widely across the state. Many areas throughout Arizona receive about half of their total rainfall during monsoon season alone.

Monsoon season begins in mid-June and runs throughout the month of September. Contrary to popular belief, the word monsoon does not refer to a single rainstorm. Monsoon describes the overall weather pattern that visits the Arizona desert over the course of several weeks.

Many homeowners welcome the monsoon rains, which will help their plants to thrive and bloom. There is nothing quite like the fragrance of creosote after a good storm. However, monsoons can also contribute to the growth of unwanted, pesky weeds. To prevent weeds from taking over your landscaping during summer, follow these tips:

Pull Weeds When They Are Young

Manually removing weeds when they are young is easier because the weeds are tender and have less established root systems. If you wait until weeds are mature, they will be difficult to pull up and may already be crowding and damaging nearby plants.

Weed Before the Rains Arrive

It is vital to begin removing invasive weeds before the monsoon rains arrive. Weeding in April and May will prevent unwanted plants from growing rapidly during the rainy season. If you wait to weed until after the rains begin, then you may need to enlist the help of a landscape professional to help remove more mature, stubborn growth.

Use Herbicides Sparingly and with Caution

There are pre-emergent herbicides, which you can spray to stop weeds before they germinate. Pre-emergents should be sprayed the 1st part of July and in December. Post-emergent herbicides are a similar solution for killing existing unwanted plants. If not used carefully, these products may harm surrounding plants and negatively impact the soil in your garden, so be sure to follow the directions or contact a professional.

To get your business or home landscaping ready for monsoon season, contact Santa Rita Landscaping at (520) 623-042. We have 28 years of experience working with clients throughout Southern Arizona.

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