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How To Add January Cheer To Your Landscaping

Winter in the Southwest means most plants are dormant, so your yard may be looking a little dull and dreary. With January daytime high temperatures in the mid 60s, however, you may still want to sit outside and enjoy the mild climate. So here are a few ideas for adding a little bit of cheer and color to your winter landscaping:

1. Invest in Artwork

Get creative and support local artists and businesses by enhancing your landscaping with metal artwork, iron work, ceramic sculpture, and more. Tucson’s Metal Arts Village boasts designs from a community of talented metal-smiths. You can find indoor and outdoor sculptures and works that will transform your drab winter yard and add curb appeal to your home.

2. Accessorize with Potted Plants

Many colorful annuals like pansies, snap dragons, primrose, or calendula will be hearty enough to survive lower winter temperatures. You can plant these annuals in the fall and then enjoy their blooms during the winter months. To add even more color to your landscape, plant annuals in festive, bright pots. Have fun with the pot colors. Try some bright blue ceramics or multi-colored vessels. When arranging potted plants in your yard, group pots in odd numbers for the best visual effect.

3. Add Colorful Cacti

While many cacti bloom in the summer months, there are varieties that can provide color all year round. The golden barrel cactus has bright yellow spines and a gorgeous round shape to enhance your yard. Also brilliant and easy to maintain is the purple prickly pear. The paddles on a purple prickly pear will become even bolder during cold, dry months.  Consider the compass barrel cactus, which has beautiful pink and red spines.

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