Climbing Plants to Accent a Trellis or Wall

If you’re looking to make your Tucson landscape a little more interesting, you might consider plants that climb rather than expand. Planting a few climbing plants now will give your property an elegant, old-world look in a few years. Here are a few beautiful climbing plants that can thrive on your Tucson-area walls or trellises:

Baja Passion Vine

For a more magnificent bloom, consider adding Baja passion vine to your garden. These white and purple flowers bloom in the summer, and have an amazing symmetrical structure that can help turn your yard into a paradise. If you’re lucky, your Baja passion flowers may attract the elegant orange and black gulf fritillary butterfly.

Trumpet Vine

If you can’t wait for your trellis or wall to become covered in foliage, consider having a landscape expert plant some trumpet vine. This plant grows very quickly, and can reach up to 40 feet. Trumpet vine gets its name from the trumpet-like blooms, which are red, orange, or yellow in color. If you’re worried about trumpet vine taking over, you can slow its growth by giving it less water.


Bougainvillea is a popular plant in warm climates, and are noted for their beautiful white, pink, orange, purple, and burgundy bracts. Bougainvilleas grow best in areas with dry soil and full sun, and benefit from from frequent fertilization. However, over-watering may harm the plant and prevent it from reaching its maximum potential.

Star Jasmine

Jasmine originated in Asia and is beloved by millions for the perfumes made from its flowers. However, Star Jasmine is also a wonderful decorative climbing plant. It flourishes well and flowers in full sun, partial shade, or total shade. Your family will love the wonderful fragrant smell of this plant.

The landscaping experts at Santa Rita Landscaping are well acquainted with all kinds of climbing plants. To find out how we can turn your Tucson property into a glorious oasis, visit our website or call us at (520) 623-0421. We have over 25 years of experience providing landscape design and maintenance throughout the Tucson area.

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