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How to Get Started in Gardening

Getting started in the world of gardening is not difficult. You can consult your local Pima County Cooperative Extension office for advice on plant varieties to start with. Begin with a single plant and learn as it grows. Decide what type of plant you would like to grow and research the plant and its particular needs. Each plant needs the same things to thrive, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

• Soil and amendments, or potting soil for indoor planting
• Watering requirements
• Climate
• Fertilizer
• Micro-climate or physical location, such as on a windowsill, in direct sun, partial sun or shade.
• For indoor plants, the proper container

Purchase a packet of seeds and everything your plant will need as it grows. Prepare the soil and add amendments such as sand, compost or other organic materials. Water it until it is moistened. Make a hole in the soil the depth required on the seed packet and place a seed in. Gently push the soil over the seed.

For the next few days, keep the soil moist but not damp. Allow the area to receive the proper amount of sunlight. You should see the plant sprouting from the soil. Protect the plant from insects and animals as it grows, gradually increasing the amount of water it receives.

Fertilize your plant according to its requirements. Not all plants thrive with all-in-one fertilizers. Mix the fertilizer according to the manufacturer’s directions or add only the amount stated. Some fertilizers are placed on top of the soil within the specified germination time as labeled on the seed packet and others are gently raked under. Be sure not to injure the plant.

As your plant grows, you might want to provide support such as a stake. Plant stakes are inexpensive at gardening centers. Push it into the ground about an inch away from the stalk and tie the plant to it with plant ties. In winter, follow gardening guides regarding winter protection.

When your plant is mature, you can pat yourself on the back. Now that you know you can grow one plant, the gardening world is wide open. You will soon be growing flowers, shrubs, trees, fruit and vegetable plants indoors and out. Friends and family will admire your green thumb and ask for your advice.

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