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Columnar Cactus: A Great Addition to Your Southwestern Landscape

Homeowners throughout Arizona agree: The cactus is the most quintessentially southwestern plant. Of all the varieties of cactus, some of the favorites are columnar cacti, which are so named for their column-like appearance. If you’re looking to give your landscape more of a southwestern look, you might consider a tall, attractive, and hardy columnar cactus.


There are many types of columnar cacti to choose from, making it easy for you to find the variety that best suits your property and personal taste. The saguaro cactus is perhaps the best known columnar cactus, and can grow to be 20 feet or higher. The senita cactus is also very popular, and can endure temperatures as low as 11 degrees. For an eclectic aesthetic, you might consider the totem pole cactus, which has a fascinating sculptural quality. Other popular varieties are the fence post, cereus, montrose, and old man cacti.


While columnar cacti are beautiful all year round, they can truly illuminate your yard during the flowering season. The senita cactus shows off its elegant pink flowers during the late spring and summer, while the cereus cactus (also known as the Peruvian apple) features showy blossoms. One of the neat things about cactus flowers (particularly Saguaros) is that they’re chiefly pollinated by bats, which are attracted to the flowers’ sweet nectar.


If you plant columnar cacti in your yard, you won’t have to worry about them taking over. Most species of columnar cacti grow very slowly, allowing you to maintain your landscape’s appearance. For example, the saguaro cactus only grows about a quarter of an inch per year. Planting a columnar cactus in your yard is a lot like installing a piece of living, decorative furniture.


Columnar cactus require very little care. They do require a little supplemental water every couple of weeks to keep them plump and happy. Some varieties are cold-sensitive. If nights are dropping below freezing, styrofoam cups should be placed on the top of each arm. On nights when the temperature drops to the mid-20’s, columnar cactus should be covered with a frost blanket.

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