Winter Annual Color Ideas for the Southwest

When most people think of flowers, they think of springtime and warm weather. While spring certainly brings an overwhelming display, some flowers actually prefer the winter. Also, the Tucson area’s relatively warm winters make it possible for flowers to bloom here all year round. Mid-October is a great time to get annual color planted. If you’re interested in planting a beautiful winter garden, consider these annual color ideas: 



During the winter, many Tucson residents look for warmth wherever they can get it. Achieve warmth in the garden by planting crimson cyclamen. These charming flowers can also be found in pink, salmon and other cheerful tones. 


Use flowers to brighten up the shorter, colder, and cloudier days of winter. To bring a little bit of sun into your yard, you might plant yellow penny pansies and snapdragons. Snapdragons have a strong resistance to cold, and their large, bright blooms can give your garden personality. 


Orange is another warm color for your garden. Orange gazania, viola, and pansies are an excellent choice because they’re some of the hardiest plants available and can bloom all winter. If you’re not sure whether orange is for you, you’ll be glad to know that pansies come in many more colors. 


Since it rarely snows in Tucson, the best way to guarantee a white Christmas is to plant white flowers. Since white flowers are so popular, you’ll have a wide range of species to choose from, including alyssum, petunia, snapdragons, stoch, and many others. If you plant enough white flowers in your garden, it’ll at least look like a layer of snow!

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