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An Introduction to Travertine Patio Tiling

TravertineNo longer satisfied with simple concrete or red brick, many Tucson homeowners pave their patios and other outdoor spaces with natural stone tiles that blend in with their custom landscaping and complement the exterior of their homes. Travertine is a popular choice because of its neutral color, durability, and affordability. Learn more here:

What Is Travertine?

Travertine is a type of limestone, and it is formed from deposits of carbonate minerals left behind by hot springs. Large travertine formations can be found in Italy, Turkey, and right here in the U.S. at Yellowstone Park.

Why Use Travertine Tile?

Since ancient times, builders and architects have used high quality travertine because it is a durable, natural stone that can withstand weather extremes. Though it can be polished to a high-gloss shine like marble, many homeowners enjoy how the rustic, natural look of unpolished travertine tile complements their outdoor space.

How Is the Tile Installed?

You should have a professional install your travertine patio tiles. Because natural variations in the stone can result in drastically different colors in different travertine deposits, it is important to use tiles from different pallets to create an overall even look to the floor. Also, travertine tiles need to be leveled and “keyed” to prevent cracking or breaking over the life of the patio.

How Do You Care for a Travertine Floor?

After the initial installing and cleaning, travertine care is very easy. Clean up desert sand and grit with a dust mop, and periodically wipe the patio down with a damp cloth. Much like leather, travertine acquires a natural patina with age, and to allow your patio tiles to develop this natural finish you should avoid using harsh chemical solvents to clean them.

If you would like to pave your patio or other outdoor space in travertine tile, call Santa Rita Landscaping today at 520-623-0421. We specialize in landscaping and construction for custom outdoor residential spaces, and we have installed patios, seat walls, fire pits, and many other features for homeowners all across Tucson.

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