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Time to Overseed Your Lawn with Ryegrass

OverseedingAlthough Tucson has warm weather most of the year, especially compared with cities in the Midwest or on the East Coast, there are still some landscape maintenance tasks you must perform each season if you want your lawn to stay bright green all year round. The basic grass that most homeowners have on their lawns in Tucson is hardy warm-weather Bermuda grass, but in the fall you should overseed with ryegrass in order to maintain a healthy look all winter long.

What Is Ryegrass?

Despite its name, ryegrass is not related to the grain crop rye, which is used to make bread and whiskey. Unlike more fragile Bermuda grass, which needs warm temperatures to thrive, ryegrass is a heartier strain that can withstand cooler temperatures. Landscapers can overseed with either inexpensive annual ryegrass or premium perennial ryegrass, depending on the customer’s needs and the square footage of lawn on the property.

Why Should You Overseed with Ryegrass?

Once temperatures start to cool down and monsoon season ends, the bermudagrass in your law will begin to turn brown. You can avoid the unsightly appearance of a brown lawn by having a professional landscaper overseed with ryegrass. Rye will sprout and grow easily throughout the mild Tucson winter, keeping your lawn green and gorgeous.

The first of October is generally a great time to plant the rye. Make sure to mow the bermudagrass as low as possible and dethatch the old matted lower layer of grass. Spread the rye seed per manufacturer’s instructions. You will need to adjust your irrigation controller. Generally, the Rye will need water 3 times per day for a couple of weeks to germinate.

What Maintenance Does Ryegrass Require?

As with any lawn, ryegrass is not maintenance-free. You must mow it down to about one or two inches in height with a sharp lawnmower, and you should fertilize it according to a schedule recommended by your lawn maintenance professional. It is important to manage the rye and Bermuda properly in the springtime, as they can compete for nutrients. You should not plant ryegrass as your permanent lawn because in the hot summer season it will burn up.

Santa Rita Landscaping can help you keep the lawn on your Tucson home or commercial property look vibrant all year round. For more information on our landscaping services, call us at 520-623-0421 or visit our website today.

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