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Spring Annuals to Plant This Spring

If you want to make a colorful addition to your garden this spring, planting annuals can provide a splash of vibrant flowering hues that can withstand high Tucson temperatures in the late spring and early summer. Annuals will last one growing season, and the varieties of spring annuals listed below are particularly beautiful and long-lasting in the warm, dry desert climate.


Salvias are resilient plants that boast aromatic flowers resistant to drought, making them ideal for a Tucson garden. There is a wonderful assortment of salvia plants that you might select for your garden including cooking sage, ‘Evolution’ salvia, and ‘Mystic Spires Blue’ salvia.


Snapdragons are beautiful plants blooming flowers of red, orange, pink, and yellow. They are a popular choice for Tucson gardens, because they do not require heavy upkeep and thrive in sunny areas. Another benefit of snapdragons is their easy-to-cut flowers, which can create gorgeous bouquets to display inside the home.


Marigolds are some of the most frequently seen spring annuals thanks to their multi-colored flowers and high resistance to pests. They are an ideal addition to a vegetable garden, or they can create a resilient, colorful flowerbed on their own anywhere in your landscape.


A cost-effective and easy-to-grow spring annual that thrives in heavy sunlight is the zinnia. A packet of seeds will generally produce a pleasing array of multi-colored flowers in an assortment of shapes in just a few weeks. The colorful blooms that come in will not only attract beautiful butterflies to your garden, but they can also be easily trimmed to create one-of-a-kind bouquets of green, red, pink, purple, and yellow.

For tips to help you grow your spring annuals with success or select the right plants for your garden, contact Santa Rita Landscaping at (520) 623-0421. Our expert Tucson landscaping services will allow you to create your ideal outdoor space with minimal stress.

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