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It’s Time to Fertilize Your Shrubs

Time to Fertilize Your Shrubs

Shrubs are a diverse and resilient type of plant that can add new life to your home’s landscape, and you will see the most vibrant looking shrubs around your home if you follow proper steps for fertilization. The guidelines below can help you nourish these plants with the right fertilization techniques.

When to fertilize

A good way to keep a steady fertilization schedule for your shrubs is by fertilizing on the major holidays of the warm months in the year. If you fertilize on Easter, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day, your shrubs should be looking great all year round.

Choosing a fertilizer

Following the holiday fertilization method, you should select a good general-purpose fertilizer. At Santa Rita Landscaping, we recommend a granular fertilizer for regular use, as it is easy to use with no mixing required. In a general purpose granular fertilizer you want to find one that contains around 10% Nitrogen(N), 10% Phosphorus(P), and 10% Potassium(K), (10-10-10). Granular Fertilizer can be very concentrated, so make sure to follow the directions on the brand you buy. When applying the fertilizer make sure to spread it evenly around the plant. Do not just pile it up in one spot, as this will be too concentrated. Spread the fertilizer around the plant evenly from the trunk to the outer edge of the plants canopy. Granular Fertilizer is intended to dissolve slowly over time, not all at once. A good watering before and after application is a good idea.

If your shrubs do not look their best using a general-purpose fertilizer, you might need to invest in a fertilizer designed to address certain nutritional needs for your plants. Consulting a landscaping professional can help you determine which fertilizer will be the right fit for your yard.

Signs of poor fertilization

One of the most common signs that shrubs are not being properly fertilized is yellowing leaves on the plant. However, you might also notice the absence of blooms on flowering shrubs, thinning of leaves, and weakened branches. To resolve these issues, you may have to change your pruning routine for your shrubs and adjust watering in addition to selecting a new fertilizer.

For more tips on caring for your Tucson, Green Valley or Oro Valley home’s landscape, consult Santa Rita Landscaping today. You can explore our custom residential design and commercial maintenance services by visiting our website or calling us at (520) 623-0421. We have been serving the greater Tucson area for over 25 years, and our owners have over 75 years of combined landscaping experience in Tucson’s unique desert climate.

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