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Fire Pit or Fireplace?

Having an area in your backyard to congregate is a necessary choice. A fireplace or a fire pit is the perfect option, especially during these cold winter months. The problem is: a fireplace or fire pit? There are different uses for each, each with their own pros and cons. Beyond that, you can decide if your fire will be gas or wood-burning. We will discuss both options more in-depth, in hopes of helping you make an informed decision:

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Fireplaces are a classic part of the house, and are traditionally a way to heat your home — but they can be just as useful when placed outside. An outdoor fireplace can be very architecturally pleasing and can be customized to fit the architecture and décor of any patio/backyard area. They can be built from brick and stone or block. There are multiple chimney options as well, including masonry and reinforced concrete and clay. Fireplaces can also be large enough to provide privacy for yourself, family, and friends in your backyard. Through strategic placement, your fireplace can provide a barrier between you and any neighbors’ prying eyes. These style and placement options can come together to provide an intimate backyard setting. The downfall of fireplaces is that they can be more expensive than a fire pit and may require a permit. They can also be difficult for a large group of people to gather around, due not only to the limited size of the face but also its limited ability to produce heat.

A fire pit can be much more cost-effective to install than a fireplace, as there are not so many parts. Since people can feel the heat from all sides of a fire pit you are able to have a much larger crowd gather around it. Fire pits can provide a more relaxing, laid back, and fun outdoor environment. Children are not left out when gathering around a fire pit, as they can easily roast marshmallows or other snacks in it. One of the negatives of choosing a fire pit is that it requires more of your patio seating area, as they are generally placed in the center of it. There are also fewer architectural options with a fire pit, therefore generally making them a less architecturally pleasing option.


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