Santa Rita Landscaping Helps Transform Backyard as Part of APLD Oktoberfest!

Garrett Ham, a sponsor of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, and Dustin Hancock, Landscape Architect, helped the Davis Family transform their backyard into an inviting place for themselves and their tortoises.  Garrett collaborated with Al Samanas from Continental Products to create a backyard that the Davis family can enjoy day after day. Shade sails, a water feature, and other amenities designed for people and tortoises were arranged to create a beautiful and relaxing oasis for the Davis Family.

Tortoise amenities included burrows discretely and artfully worked into the landscape mounding, forage friendly plantings, and a shallow “bench” worked into the water feature to allow the two Sonoran Desert Tortoises access to the water.  The Tortoises feel so at home that they have laid a nest of over a dozen eggs since the project’s completion, expected to hatch soon.

On October 4th, the Tucson chapter of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, APLD, created a special Oktoberfest event where guests could take in the October weather while enjoying the work of Garrett, Dustin, and Al at the Davis’ home.  Guests were able to appreciate their work while receiving  a garden tour, a barbeque demonstration, and explanations of shade sails and how to use them.

Another contributor to the event was Arizona Hearth & Grill. They grilled bratwursts for the guests and Garrett and Al provided other delicious German refreshments.

The beautiful location, the beautiful air, the authentic food, and the natural and creative challenge associated with this year’s APLD Oktoberfest are not anything that Garrett of Santa Rita Landscaping and the Davis family are soon to forget.

Davis Family Picture 1

Davis Family Picture 2

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