Can Pavers Be Painted?

Painting Pavers - Paver WalkwayBrick, cement, and concrete pavers are popular design elements in landscaping and outdoor areas. There are many unique uses for pavers in your yard, including sidewalks, seating areas, gardens and flowerbeds, and fire pits. Pavers start to look old over time and many homeowners decide that theirs need updating. A common question homeowners ask is: can pavers be painted? Your first thought might be that you need to repave the area, but instead, you can consider painting the pavers to save time and money. 

While many landscaping companies choose not to encourage painting pavers, there is no reason that this cannot be a viable way to add new life to your landscaping. We are here to help you determine if you can use the pavers that you already have by painting them. We will also determine if the pavers have been damaged and if they can be painted.

4 Steps to Paint Pavers 

Painting pavers can be intricate. Painters know the difficulty of adequately painting pavers, so they do not chip, peel, or lose saturation. 

Step #1 – Be Sure the Pavers are Clean 

The first step, before painting, is to pull all weeds and clean the area with dish soap and a scrub brush. This helps to remove stubborn stains and to ensure that no dirt remains on the pavers. Once scrubbed, rinse the pavers and allow them to dry completely. You can use many ways to paint brick pavers; to get some suggestions on this, check this article out.

Step #2 – Prep the Pavers 

After you clean and dry your pavers, the next step is to prep them. Use a concrete primer to prep the pavers, allowing them to dry completely after a concrete prime has been applied. This step is crucial to make sure that your paint lasts. Prepping the pavers, regardless of the construction material, is necessary to create the perfect surface for painting.

Step #3 – Paint the Pavers 

Choosing the right kind of paint is essential to have painted pavers that last for years to come. You must paint the pavers to last.  The first layer of paint should be a mixture of one-part turpentine and four-parts paint.  After that layer has dried, you can start with your first layer of paint. You will need to paint two or three layers before sealing.

Step #4 – Seal the Pavers 

The last step to having painted pavers that you can enjoy for years is to seal the pavers. All of the previously mentioned articles suggest that you use a concrete sealant and that you allow one layer to dry completely before doing a second layer. 

People Also Ask:

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Pavers? 

Choosing the right type of paint is essential for success with painting pavers. We will tell you the one that we use as it works best. It is imperative that you choose the right type of paint to avoid the need to scrape, re-clean, and re-paint the pavers. This is something that no homeowner wants to go through. Choosing acrylic cement paint is the best option as the paint has a strong finish and stands up to exposures well.

Can You Paint Brick Pavers? 

Brick Paver WalkwayMany people use brick pavers for convenience, affordability, and durability. Painting brick pavers can help them last longer and keep them looking fresh. The above steps are perfect for use with all types of pavers. 

Two Unique Ideas for Painting Pavers 

There are many projects and unique ways to paint pavers for use around our home. This allows you to paint pavers to create something special or update the look of your outdoor space, as these projects are creative and will make your space memorable. 

  • Create Unique and Functional Pathways with Stepping-Stones – Creating unique and functional pathways out of stepping-stones is one way to creatively utilize paint and pavers. One suggestion that we have is to change the stones out each month and to have fun and creative designs based on the month. For instance, we recommend snowflakes and snowmen for January and hearts for February. 
  • Set Apart Landscaping Features with Painted Pavers – Painted pavers are the perfect way to set aside landscaping features like firepits, flowerbeds, gardens, and fountains. Use the pavers to create a design or to highlight an area of your outdoor space. Also, use paint to help keep spaces separate.  

We are frequently asked, “Can pavers be painted?” We always say “Yes!” Painting pavers is a great way to breathe new life into worn-out areas around your home. You can update the outdoor spaces like patios, driveways, landscaping, and sidewalks with paint. Santa Rita Landscaping has been in the landscaping and landscape design business in Tucson and Southern Arizona since 1985. If you are interested in improving the aesthetic appeal and value of your home by adding new pavers or restoring them to their original glory, contact Santa Rita Landscaping for your FREE quote today!

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