Average Cost of Landscaping

Average cost of landscaping

An incredible landscape layout can improve the inherent value of your home substantially. When many people think of landscaping, large projects come to mind. But, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to refresh your landscape design. Expensive costs are what drive many people away from re-doing their landscape. Which can lead to many missed opportunities to improve the look of your home all-around.

Factors that affect the cost of landscaping

Several factors come into play when discussing the average cost of landscaping. Material cost, property size, labor hours, and more impact the final price you pay. Your location will also play a huge role in determining the cost of your landscape ideas.

Suppose you’re a homeowner interested in revamping your landscape. In that case, we’re going to give you a detailed breakdown of all the critical facts you need to know.
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The average cost of landscaping

First, you need to understand that every landscaper charges different prices. Different landscapers also use varying formats to charge their clients. Some landscapers charge by the hour. While others charge a flat-rate. You’ll need to do some research about local service providers near you to get an accurate cost estimate.

But, according to the national average, landscapers charge about $50-$100/hr for their services. The average total cost for landscaping in the U.S. is between $3,000-$15,950. The final price you pay largely depends on several factors.

Factors such as your property’s size, the additions you want to make, and your landscape’s layout all impact the price.

You’ll need to sit down and discuss all of these details with the landscaping company of your choice to see their exact price breakdown for each service you’re interested in.

Benefits of a new landscape

The best part about creating a new landscape is that you have complete control. The only thing stopping you from making your dream landscape are any budget restrictions you may have. You can always contact a local landscaping company in your area to ask about getting a free service quote for your landscape.

Specific types of grass and trees cost more than other variants also. Which is another variable you’ll need to consider. Turf installations, ponds, wood fences, and pergolas all increase the amount of your landscaping total.

You can still achieve great landscaping results on a budget. All you need to do is strategize with your landscaper to find the right approach for your desires. There are several ways to save money and stay within your budget regardless of your landscape design ideas.

Finding the right landscaper for your needs

To achieve the best results, you need to hire a professional landscaper. There are several landscapers located all throughout the U.S. that claim to offer high-quality services. The unfortunate reality is that not all service providers can live up to their claims.

To ensure you’re choosing a reputable landscaper that can deliver the results you want. You need to make sure they have a verifiable history of positive reviews. Reading reviews from previous customers is the best way to determine which landscaper you should hire.

It’s always best to compare a few service providers near you before making a final decision. This will help you decide which landscaper is best for your needs.

People Also Ask

Q: How much should I budget for landscaping?
A: landscaping costs typically account for 5-10% of your home’s total value. For a home valued at $200,000, you should expect to spend between $20,000-$30,000.

Q: What is the average cost to landscape a yard?
A: It all depends on the scope of work you need to be done. Minor landscaping can cost $20/hr. While larger projects can increase up to $350+/hr. The average total cost to landscape a yard is between $2,000-$5,000.

Q: Is it worth it to hire a landscaper?
A: yes, for any homeowner thinking about re-doing their landscape alone, don’t. Professional landscapers help you save money and time by reducing material costs, planning the project, and more.

Understanding the average cost of landscaping

We’ve covered all of the essential facts, information, and tips you need to know about the average landscaping cost. Use this article as a guide to help you locate the right landscaper that can deliver superior service results for your next project. To begin giving your landscape a fresh new look contact Santa Rita Landscaping today.

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