Fire Pit Options for your Backyard

Fire Pit Options for your Backyard

Adding a fire pit into your landscape design adds another detail to your backyard for entertaining. Here are some fire pit design ideas that can instantly enhance your backyard.

A Covered Fire Pit

A covered fire pit allows people to sit around and enjoy the warmth of the fire no matter what the weather. A gazebo will create a new layer of design for your outdoor area.

A Stone Fire Pit

A stone fit pit will complement features in your hardscape. Its natural appeal creates a visually stimulating outdoor area that is perfect for entertaining anyone from a single friend to a party full of people.

A Rectangular Fire Box

If you want to set up a seating area around your fire pit, the rectangular firebox is a good option. Whether you want an L-shaped outdoor sofa or a lot of comfortable chairs, this feature makes it easy to achieve your ideal outdoor aesthetic.

Round Firepit

Round firepits work well if you want a less formal design. All you need to do is pull up your chairs and enjoy the warmth.

A Large, Square Fire Pit

If you are looking at a fire pit to be the focal point of your entire yard, choose a large, square design. When it sits in the center of your backyard, it is easy to choose the perfect landscape design to go around it.

Heating Options

Firepit flames can be fueled by natural gas, propane, or wood. For the gas and propane option, there are round or square burners. Burners can be covered with lava (cinder) rocks or beautiful colored glass.

Whether you want to add a fire pit to a yard that is almost complete or you want to completely transform your current landscape design, Santa Rita Landscaping is here to help. As one of Tucson’s top landscaping companies, we can give you all of the features you need to achieve your ideal exterior design. To learn more about our services or to see our gallery of completed jobs, call (520) 623-0421.

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