Weed Tips for Monsoon Season

Weed Tips for Monsoon Season

Tucson receives an average of 14 inches of rain annually and over half of that rainfall transpires during monsoon season. The term monsoon describes an overall weather pattern that occurs over the course of several weeks.  The official start of the season begins around mid-June and continues through September.

Many Tucsonans welcome the monsoon rains which help their plants thrive and bloom. However, monsoons can also contribute to the growth of unwanted, pesky weeds.  We recommend the following tips to prevent weeds from taking over your landscaping during the summer:

Weed Before the Rains Arrive

It is best to remove existing weeds before the monsoon rains arrive. Weeding now will prevent unwanted plants from growing rapidly during the rainy season. Waiting to weed until after the rains begin creates more mature and stubborn weeds that become difficult to remove. You may need to enlist the help of a landscape professional to help eradicate.

Pull Weeds When They Are Young

When weeds are young, they are tender and have less established root systems making them easier to pull. If you wait until weeds are mature, the weeds will be difficult to pull up and may start to crowd and damage neighboring plants.

Use Herbicides Sparingly and with Caution

Pre-emergent herbicides should be sprayed in the 1st part of July and in December.  These spray formulas stop weeds before they germinate.  There are also post-emergent herbicides that offer a similar solution for killing existing unwanted plants. Make sure you follow the directions or contact a professional when using these products.  If unused incorrectly, they may harm surrounding plants and negatively impact the soil in your garden.

If your home or business needs help with weed control, contact Santa Rita Landscaping at (520) 623-0421.

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