how to keep grass and weeds from growing around trees

How to Keep Grass and Weeds from Growing Around Trees

Trees not only improve your home and yard’s curb appeal but neatly maintained vegetation can increase property values. However, tending to grass and weeds near the base of your trees can be tricky, so most homeowners want to get rid of them entirely. With that in mind, the team at Santa Rita Landscaping is here with some tips on how to keep grass and weeds from growing around trees. 

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Why Remove Grass and Weeds Around Trees?

Grass requires a certain amount of sunlight to grow, so shade from trees can stunt its growth, causing it to look patchy and rough. Additionally, grass and weeds near the base of the tree can interfere with its roots and steal nutrients from the tree, stunting its growth and development. As such, completely removing grass or weed underneath your mature trees is usually the best idea. 

Removing Grass and Weeds From Around Trees

Fortunately, there are several simple methods how to keep grass and weeds from growing around trees, but you need to be wary of damaging the roots. 

Apply A Layer of Mulch 

Adding a layer of organic mulch is another way to keep weeds and grass from under your tree. First, place a layer of weed barrier fabric around the tree in a radius of about one to two feet, depending on the size of the tree. Next, lay down three to four layers of wet newspaper. The newspaper will block sunlight from the grass and weed seeds but allows the roots to access nutrients and water. After, lay down two to four inches of mulch over the newspaper. 

Dig It Up

The simplest and most straightforward way to keep grass and weeds away from trees is to dig it up. Using a shovel, you can dig up the first inch or two of dirt to remove grass and weeds from the root, preventing them from growing back. We recommend only using a shovel to dig up vegetation so you don’t accidentally damage the roots and kill the trees. If you expose roots, cover them with an inch of dirt to prevent damage. 

Use Herbicide

One final method is using herbicide. Herbicide can be tricky because too much can harm your tree, so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. When applying the herbicide, place a layer of cardboard around the base of the tree so the herbicide doesn’t get on the tree trunk. Try to spread herbicide on a non-windy day so it doesn’t spread around your yard.

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The trick to how to keep grass and weeds from growing around trees is vigilance and routine lawn maintenance, such as using pre-emergent spray for weed control. With over 35 years of experience, Santa Rita Landscaping can handle all of your residential or commercial landscaping construction and maintenance needs. Contact us online or give us a call today at (602) 686-0292 to schedule a landscaping appointment!

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