How to Select Landscaping Plants for Your Tucson Property
plant for landscaping

How to Choose the Right Plant for Landscaping

Landscaping offers boundless opportunities for your yard, but it is not always easy to select the right plant for landscaping projects that fit your environment and aesthetic vision.

Santa Rita Landscaping is the leader in professional Landscape Design in Tucson, AZ. Our team has the expertise to help you with tricky decisions, such as deciding how to choose the right plant for landscaping.

Know Your Soil

What type of soil do your plants grow in? Are you putting down soil or planting in the natural earth on your property? Is your soil sandy, or does it have a high clay content? Does your soil have a high percentage of organic material? 

Each of these questions will provide a framework for how to choose the right plant. Each plant for landscaping has its preferred soil type. If you need help selecting the right plant, the experts at Santa Rita Landscaping are happy to recommend plants in landscaping projects.

Pay Attention to the Climate

Experts group plants into zones based on the climates they grow best in. Find out what climate you live in and use that information to narrow down your search for the perfect plant.

Check the Humidity and Rainfall Levels

If you get a lot of rain, you need plants with sturdy root systems that will not get waterlogged or wash away. For drier soil, succulents and other plants that grow in desert climates might do better in your landscape.

Know the Best Time to Plant

Some plants grow better if you plant them at different times of the year. Familiarize yourself with the optimal growing times for each type of plant.

Consider Sun Exposure and Shade

If your landscape includes trees, awnings, shades, and other structures, pay attention to how these factors influence your plant’s exposure to sunlight. 

Consider Native Plant Species

Plants that grow naturally in your area are more likely to thrive on your property than plants that grow in different parts of the world. Native plants are also a great way to show pride in your local area.

For Landscaping Year-Round, Choose Evergreen Shrubs and Trees

Many people want continuity in their landscape throughout the season. Evergreen trees provide shade for plants, while shrubs structure the landscape.

Avoid Invasive Species

Many plants, especially some types of vines, will grow out of control and could infiltrate your neighbor’s yards. Before you pick a plant for landscaping, check that it is not an invasive species in your area.

Get Practical and Creative Professional Landscaping Services from Santa Rita Landscaping

At Santa Rita Landscaping, we go out of our way to help our customers with all their landscaping needs. 

With our guidance, discover how to choose the right plant for landscaping. Know which type of mulch suits your landscaping, and tie all the elements together in a cohesive design that considers the relationship between plants, trees, shrubs, and soil. Call (520) 623-0421 to speak with a landscaping professional in Tucson today.

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