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Adding a Rainwater Harvesting System to Your Landscape

During times of winter storms and monsoons, homeowners should take advantage of the downpour with rainwater harvesting systems. With rainwater harvesting, you can reduce water waste and add sustainability to your landscape.

Reduced Need for Ground Water

Rainwater harvesting reduces your household’s impact on groundwater reduction ~ a big concern for residents in the Southern Arizona region.

Minimal Infrastructure

Your rooftop usually features a drainage system with catchment areas.  These can be attached to harvesting systems. This feature can help keep installation costs down and optimize the financial benefits of a rainwater harvesting system.

Lower Soil Erosion Rates

A rainwater harvesting system allows you to store water in an area that may otherwise cause flooding in low lying areas. By minimizing floods, you can reduce soil erosion and groundwater contamination from pesticides and fertilizers that may be on the surface of the soil.

Diverse Uses around the House

Harvested rainwater can be used to wash your car or connect to your plumbing so that you preserve more groundwater and further reduce your environmental impact. Remember that rainwater is free of chemicals that may be found in groundwater, making it a favorable substitute for applications like watering plants.

If you are considering rainwater harvesting for your sustainable landscape design in Tucson, call Santa Rita Landscaping at (520) 623-0421 to explore your options. Our custom commercial and residential landscaping solutions will help you increase the value of your home and create a beautiful, welcoming space to enjoy the Arizona sunshine.

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