Learn How to Care for Your New Citrus Trees

Learn How to Care for Your New Citrus Trees

Citrus trees can thrive in your desert landscape, but you must take care of them to keep them alive and well. Know what kind of citrus you’re working with, plant and irrigate properly, and remember to fertilize and prune your trees. Read ahead and learn how to care for your new citrus trees.

Know Your Trees

A new citrus tree can be a lovely addition to your desert landscape. Different types of citrus trees may not fare the same way, however, so pay attention to the exact types of trees you’re working with. Limes and lemons are popular options, as are oranges and tangerines. Navel oranges tend to hold up during the winter, but they’re not necessarily the most reliable choice for the desert. Decide what kinds of fruit trees you’d like to plant and make sure they can handle the local climate before you start digging plots for them. The best time to plant trees is in early spring.

Plant and Irrigate

When you’re all set to plant your citrus trees, the hole you start with will probably be bigger than you think. Start by measuring the width of the plant’s container. The hole you’ll dig to house it should be at least three times bigger, and in some cases as many as five. The top of the root ball should be about an inch higher than the soil, and there shouldn’t be any amendments made. Leave enough space for your tree to grow by leaving about 20 feet of horizontal space. If you have a small space consider dwarf or semi-dwarf trees. Consider factors like soil and exposure to the elements when irrigating, and let your trees dry for a week or more during the winter and every few days during the summer.

Fertilize and Prune

You don’t have to fertilize your citrus for its first two years. After this point, add fertilizer in February before it blooms. Only prune your citrus trees to get rid of dead, dying, or dangerous branches.

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