Landscape Upgrades to Enhance Your Commercial Property

Designing a beautiful and functional landscape for your commercial property is critical for maintaining positive client perception, because your landscape will be visible to clients before they ever set foot in your door. Whether you manage an office, retail space, or commercial warehouse, there are some key landscaping upgrades you might consider to make the space more attractive, welcoming, and professional. Let’s take a closer look at some elements to include as you renovate your commercial property.

Hardscaped Walkways and Benches
Though you might think strictly of plants, grass, and gravel when you picture landscaping, you should also think about hardscaping elements with poured concrete, brick, or stone. With hardscaped walkways and integrated seating areas, clients and employees will be better able to tour your commercial property and enjoy the outdoor scenery. In addition, these features will make the property more accessible, especially when you add ADA compliant ramps and railing.

Shade Trees
The Arizona sun can be brutal at times, especially if you do not have any shaded areas in the landscape surrounding your building. By planting carefully placed shade trees, you can cool down your property and even save on monthly utility bills to drive down your overhead expenses.

Natural Desert Vegetation
As you consider the details for your landscape, such as flowering plants or fruit trees, you should think about plants that are native to Arizona or those that are more fitted to a desert climate. With low-water, heat-resistant options, you will have fewer landscape maintenance needs, and you can showcase a greener image with less environmentally impactful landscaping.

To begin designing a beautiful, functional, and inviting commercial landscape in Tucson or Southern Arizona, be sure to contact Santa Rita Landscaping. We offer both commercial landscape construction and maintenance backed by years of industry experience in the area. You can learn more about us on our website or call us directly at (520) 623-0421 to set up a landscape construction consultation.

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