Choosing the Right Paving Material

choosing the right paving material
If you are seeking pavers for your driveway as an alternative for asphalt or concrete, you can find a wide range of pavers designed specifically for driveways to offer a more distinctive look and long-lasting surface. Pavers can also be a great choice for outdoor patios and pool decks, where you will want to have a smooth and easy-to-maintain surface that is easy on bare feet. With Santa Rita Landscaping, you can find a selection of Belgard pavers, which offer superior longevity and design for a great looking outdoor space in your Tucson home. Here’s a look at some tips for choosing the right Belgard pavers for your household.


When drainage is a big concern, permeable pavers can be a great solution that will work well for driveway adjacent spaces and high-traffic areas. TurfStone Permeable pavers will provide a durable surface that can let the grass grow through or keep the desert landscape exposed.


Naturally, the final look of your pavers will be an important consideration as you choose the material you want. If you are seeking the timeless look of natural stone, MegaLafitt will offer the closest aesthetic to flagstone with increased durability and design consistency. When you are in search of a softer texture for a pool deck and other areas with more foot traffic, you might look too layered patterns with Non-Tumbled Catalina Valencia.


Not all yards will have neat, straight-line boundaries, so you might actually seek out a paver with irregular shapes for a mosaic effect. MegaArbel pavers can achieve this look with a flagstone-like design featuring interlocking edges for a stable surface. Alternatively, you might want crisp lines for a distinct area of the backyard, such as the patio, and this is where the more traditional look of cobblestone pavers or Seville-Catalina pavers will be ideal.

To begin planning your residential or commercial landscape with Santa Rita Landscaping, call us at (520) 623-0421. We specialize in elegant desert-friendly designs with sustainable materials.

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