Elements to Incorporate in a Zen Garden

Plants and bushes are not the only elements that you can incorporate into your landscape design. Zen gardens are beautiful, peaceful additions to a yard that add a lot to your overall exterior design. If you want to add a Zen garden to your yard, be sure to include the following:

Beautiful landscaped garden

Add beauty and wonder to your outdoor space with a zen garden

Leave Something to the Imagination

Zen gardens are full of twists and turns that bring you through beautiful, magical areas that are waiting to be discovered. Instead of decorating your garden around one straight path, you might want to use pavers or flagstone to create a weaving, winding path that leads you through this beautiful and mysterious garden.

Create Your Own Sanctuary

Zen gardens are often equipped with a small teahouse or pavilion where you can escape and enjoy the beauty of your landscape. Ask your landscape design company to build a small structure on the property that can serve as your own personal sanctuary.

Mix Up Color and Texture

Zen gardens rely on plants with subtle differences in texture and color to create an interesting visual effect for the whole space. As you start to design your garden, think about how plants with different colors and textures play off each other to create a beautiful and visually exciting garden area.

Add a Reflecting Pool

A small reflecting pool can tie together your entire garden and give you a peaceful place where you can relax as you stare at the water. Decorate the reflecting pool with stones that add another level to the natural appeal of the garden.

Whether you want a Zen garden or an outdoor kitchen, the landscape design experts at Santa Rita Landscaping are here to help you get your ideal outdoor area. For over thirty years, we have proudly served Tucson with some of the best residential and commercial landscaping designs in the city. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, visit us online or call (520) 623-0421.

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