The Gardens of Versailles: Royal Decadence, Lasting Beauty

OrangerieThe Gardens of Versailles are a part of the elegant Chateau de Versailles, which was built in the mid-17th century under Louis XIII following his purchase of the lands in 1632. The gardens lie on 800 hectares of land, and they represent the iconic French formal garden landscape that has been copied for centuries in European courts following the creation of the Gardens of Versailles. Through five major replantations of the garden and numerous restoration efforts, the Gardens of Versailles now stand as one of the most visited public areas in all of France.

Garden Creation

The early layout of the gardens was commissioned by Louis XIII, but it was Louis XIV who made his legacy with the help of Andre Le Notre by expanding and embellishing the gardens through his entire reign. Through the construction and expansion of the gardens under Louis XIV, many of the lavish fountains and water features in the gardens were created along with the Orangerie designed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart. In order to lay out the gardens and canals, massive amounts of earth had to be shifted to plant flower beds and create the canal system to irrigate the lands and supply fountains with water.

French Formal Garden Style

ThinkstockPhotos-459052949The French formal garden style is characterized by symmetry and imposing order on nature. The Gardens of Versailles are considered to be the epitome of this design. Elements that can be seen throughout the gardens include the mirroring effect of bodies of water (primarily basins and canals), straight planting and consummate trimming of trees, and geometric plans showcasing unique perspectives and optics.

Notable Garden Features

The Gardens of Versailles houses 50 fountains, 620 water jets, and a 5.57 km Grand Canal. There are also 210,000 flowers planted annually and 200,000 trees on the premises.

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