Tips for Sprucing Up Your Landscape

Sprucing upWhether your yard simply needs new plantings or is in need of a completely new landscape design, it can be overwhelming to make landscape design choices. A great way to begin your landscape designing is by making a list of how you want to use the space. From there, you can start to consider where to place furniture, entertainment areas, and privacy-enhancing trees.

Add versatile gravel

You can use Decomposed Granite (D.G.) to enhance walkways, work areas and social spaces in your backyard. It’s also a great addition to your backyard because it fits easily with plants and shrubs, while staying attractive for a long period of time. To create a more artistic backyard landscape design, combine decorative rock with ornamental grasses in your backyard.

Incorporate pebbles and bricks

To add visual interest to your landscape, incorporate natural pavers of bricks and pebbles. Even though this material blends into the landscape, you can arrange the bricks and pebbles in an attention-getting design.

Focus on natural materials

A great way to make your smaller yard look bigger is by creating deep borders with layers of taller plants. Not only does this make your yard look bigger, but also the plants and trees give the yard a natural, soothing feel.

Narrow surrounding spaces

Creating an interesting paving pattern on the side of your house can help make the space more interesting. You can also add dimension to the space by incorporating different tile designs and adding a variety of plants in pots.

Include smaller stones as mulch

Applied to the surface area of soil, mulch helps conserve moisture and improve the health of the soil. To make your outdoor landscape more interesting, consider pairing smaller stones with larger rocks around the backyard trees as mulch.

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