Incorporating Salvaged Materials into Your Landscape

Gold08.13Give your landscape a unique personality by adding some salvaged materials to your exterior design. These pieces have character that helps you add more depth and texture to your landscape design. Keep reading for some ideas on how to incorporate these salvaged pieces into your new landscape.

Create a Path Out of Broken Concrete

If you want to add some interesting aesthetic appeal to your yard, you can use broken pieces of concrete to create a unique mosaic pathway. The different shapes and sizes of these broken pieces will come together to create a beautiful and visually stimulating feature for your exterior design.

Use Colored Glass to Create a Border

Draw more attention to your beautiful landscape design by using broken pieces of colored glass to build a border around a planter or other features of your landscape design. These pieces of glass add a subtle beauty and more texture to the rest of the yard. When the glass catches the light, it will shimmer and shine. Make sure to use glass that has been tumbled so it is safe to ensure that no one gets hurt.

Build Outdoor Furniture Out of Used Stone

Flagstones serve as an ideal material with which to accent your outdoor furniture. Use stones on the table to create a unique and durable place to sit, eat, and socialize. You can also add some flagstones to the chairs and build an entire dining set for your backyard. It also works great to cap seat walls and pony walls.

Reuse Gravel

When you live in Tucson, you have access to plenty of gently used gravel that can serve as the perfect accessory for your landscape design. Place gravel around a fire pit or a water fountain to enhance the aesthetic appeal of this area of your yard.

No matter what you want to do in your landscape, Santa Rita Landscaping can help. Our landscape design services are here to help you obtain your ideal exterior design. We can also help you maintain your new landscaping to ensure that it continues to meet your standards. To learn more about our services or to request our service, visit us online or call (520) 623-0421.

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