Features of a Water-Conscious Landscape Design

Water Feature- Natural 6When creating a landscape design in the desert, it is important to think about incorporating water-saving features that allow plants to grow without using too much of this valuable resource. If you want your yard to include water-conscious features, keep reading for some ideas:

Water Schedules

If you really want to conserve water in your landscaping, you should find out exactly how much water every plant needs to thrive. A lot of people unintentionally overwater their plants, which wastes a lot of water and might be bad for the plants. Talk to the landscape design company about how much to water each plant so you can only use the amount that you need.

Water Zones

Another great way to conserve water in your yard is to try to group together similar plants. Make a section of plants that need more water, for example, and try to put it closer to the house so it can soak up some of the water runoff. Use an efficient drip irrigation system with multiple zones so you can put plants that use more water on one valve and plants that use less water on another valve. An example would be zone #1, trees would be zone #2, citrus plants zone #3, and other plants zone #4. If you create water zones in your yard, you can make sure every plant gets the amount of water that it needs.


Mulch is a helpful resource for your yard because it keeps moisture and nutrients in the soil. Add mulch to your garden regularly to ensure that your plants stay hydrated even during the hottest times of the year.

Landscape Maintenance

Maintaining your landscaping is another great way to make your yard more water conscious. You should spend some time weeding, pruning, and fertilizing your plants to keep them in the best condition. Make an effort to control the amount of pests in the yard to enhance these water-saving methods even more.

Turn to Santa Rita Landscaping for help designing a water-friendly garden on your property. Our landscaping experts will help you figure out what to plant so you get the most aesthetically appealing and functional landscape design. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (520) 623-0421.

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