How to Attract Birds to Your Landscape

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the best parts of living in Arizona is the access you get to a variety of beautiful wildlife species. With the right kind of landscaping features, you can attract even more birds to your yard so you can enjoy nature at its finest.

Plant Diverse Species

Different kinds of birds are attracted to different kinds of plants as food sources. Plant a few tubular flowers in bright colors like red or orange to attract hummingbirds. Ocotillo and betony are great options for enticing these birds to visit your yard. Prickly pear cacti and pyracantha are plants that attract mockingbirds and thrashers. If you want to see more quail, doves, or sparrows in your yards, you should put out some birdseed for them. Be sure to include plenty of colorful flowers in your garden so the birds can easily spot your landscaping.

Add a Fountain

Although birdbaths might attract birds, the still water inside could spread diseases. A better option is installing a fountain with moving water. This way, birds can still enjoy the water without coming into contact with or spread bacteria that could cause serious health issues.

Provide Places for Nests

Plant plenty of trees and shrubs that have strong, forked branches so the birds have the opportunity to build nests where they can stay safe from predators and weather. You might also want to keep your yard a little untidy because leaves and other plant debris attract insects, which will encourage more birds to come to your property.

The landscape design experts at Santa Rita Landscaping are here to help you achieve all of your goals for the exterior of your property. Whether you want to attract more birds to your yard or create a custom landscape for your commercial property, we can help. Since 1985, we have offered some of the top landscaping services in the city. To learn more about our design services, visit our website or call (520) 623-0421.

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