Avoiding Common Landscaping Mistakes

Turf 9A neat, well-kept, and stylish yard will be a great boon to your Tucson home. However, there are many common landscaping mistakes that can detract from both the appearance and functionality of your yard. Keep reading to learn how you can avoid many of these common landscaping mistakes; your Tucson landscaping service can also offer advice to help you create an appealing yard or lawn.


Over-Decorating Your Yard
Decorative items add personality to your yard, but overdoing it can create the wrong impression. A cluttered yard gives off a disorganized and neglected feel. Keep in mind that you want to highlight your landscaping and use each decorative item as a complement to the overall design of your yard. It’s best to limit lawn ornamentation to a few choice pieces and, if possible, maintain a single theme.

Poor Planting Strategy
Every type of plant has different sunlight and hydration needs. Before you plant, it’s important to take these needs into account and place plants accordingly in your yard. Putting a plant that needs sunlight in a shady spot or a plant that prefers more water at the highest point in your yard will only cause frustration when your landscaping doesn’t flourish the way you’re expecting. Map out each planting zone in your yard and choose plants that are appropriate for these areas before you begin to landscape.

Improper Irrigation
Irrigation is an essential part of any landscaping project. Know how much water the plants in your yard will need and develop an irrigation plan that will meet these needs. Keep in mind that overwatering is just as damaging to plants as underwatering. Water early in the morning or later in the evening, when the temperature is cooler and more water will make it to your plants because less is lost to evaporation.

Don’t Overplant
Pick plants that when fully grown will be in scale with the space. Plants that grow to big for the space generally end up being removed at considerable time and expense.

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