Why Landscape Design Is a Smart Investment

Adding landscaping enhances the natural appearance of your yard, complementing the exterior of your home or business as well. The right landscape design can drastically improve your curb appeal and increase the value of your property. A good landscape design will also reduce the amount of work you must do to maintain your property while presenting a well-tailored appearance that shows you care about the way your property looks.

Water Feature- Architectural 1


Landscaping can instantly improve the appearance of your property, presenting a neat, clean, and appealing picture to the world. Adding soft- or hardscaping elements can bring out the architectural features of your property and create an even more inviting home or business. A great landscape design will show that you care about the appearance of your property and the impression it makes on others.


Yards without any sort of landscape design can be difficult to care for, resulting in wasted water due to limited access to certain areas. It can also be impossible to maintain a deck, path, or pool that is overrun by the plants in your yard. Landscape design creates a natural outdoor environment that is both easy and efficient to maintain.


Just like many home improvements, the right landscaping design can increase the value of your property. Landscaping not only improves the appearance of your property, but often the amount of usable space as well. Furthermore, when selling your home or business, an appealing exterior can result in a quicker sale that demands a higher price. Studies have shown that properties with landscaping already in place consistently sell for a higher price than those with no landscaping, with increases in price ranging from 5.5-12.7%.

If you’re ready to discover how a smart landscaping design can enhance the value of your home or business, call Santa Rita Landscaping today at (520) 623-0421. We can help you design, create, and maintain your commercial or residential landscape in Tucson. Visit us on the web to check out our full range of landscaping and maintenance services or read through the other articles on our blog.


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