Design Options for Custom Seat Walls

Seat walls installationIf you want to add visual interest to your yard, create separate “zones” within your landscaped outdoor space, or provide more outdoor seating for friends and guests, you can have a custom-built seat walls installation. These features can serve both practical and aesthetic purposes in almost any yard. Below you will find a brief guide to some options that can help you personalize your seat wall.

Material Choices for Seat Walls Installation

A seat wall can be built from a standard block and covered with stucco or veneer, brick, or constructed entirely from natural stone. The veneer you choose for a block seat wall can also be made from natural stone, or from a more affordable artificial material. You should choose a material for your seat wall that won’t clash with your home’s exterior or other landscape features, and that will resist the summer sun and monsoon rains of Tucson.

The shape of Seat walls

You don’t have to put in a long, straight seat wall if it doesn’t fit with your yard. A semicircular seat wall can be a very eye-catching feature, especially if you set it up around a pre-existing feature such as a koi pond or a fire pit. A semicircular configuration will also allow you to create a more welcoming conversational environment where guests seated at the wall can easily look at each other and converse.

Extra Features  for your outdoor living space

A seat wall doesn’t have to be plain and bare—you can decorate it with plant shelves to hold pots. You also have boulders cut in, or even use a seat wall as the base for a pergola or gazebo. Various custom colored tile veneers can be applied to create an individual look. When you have completely custom seat walls installation job done, the only limits are your imagination and personal taste.

At Santa Rita Landscaping, we help Tucson homeowners create the beautiful outdoor spaces they have always wanted in their homes. Whether you want to add a seat wall, install a water feature, or build an outdoor kitchen, we can do the work for you. Call us today at 520-623-0421 to learn more before getting your seat walls installation job done.

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