Artificial Turf vs. The Real Thing

Artif. vs. Real

When Tucson homeowners or property owners are deciding on landscape design features, they are faced with many important choices. Those who wish to install a lawn must choose between living grass and artificial turf that mimics the look of the real plant. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages, which you can learn about below.

Artificial Turf: Pros

Artificial turf will look bright green and lovely all year long, and after the initial installation it requires no maintenance and no watering, so it will also result in lower water bills. Depending on the brand you choose, imitation grass is covered by a warranty for up to eight years. Available infill can even eliminate pet urine odors.

Artificial Turf: Cons

Since it is a manufactured product, artificial turf is initially more expensive than real grass, although this cost is offset by the reductions in your month water bills. Also, you should be aware that artificial turf can get extremely hot in the summer.

Real Grass: Pros

You don’t need to be a plant enthusiast to appreciate the look and feel of real, living grass. Even at the height of the desert summer, a barefoot walk on freshly watered grass will cool your feet and refresh you. Kids and pets also love to play and roll around on the grass—and because Southern Arizona is warm year-round, you will get many months of use out of your lawn.

Real Grass: Cons

Because it is a living plant, real grass will need to be watered frequently, especially in the Sonoran desert, so you will need to budget for the extra water bills. You will also need to spread ryegrass seed on your lawn in the winter time, and mow year-round.

For single-family homes with children and pets, artificial turf is no substitute for real grass. But on residential homes without children, a commercial property or on larger grounds such as condominiums and apartment complexes, low-maintenance artificial turf is a good landscape option. To discuss lawn options for your property, call Santa Rita Landscaping today at (520) 623-0421.

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