Benedictine Monastery Meditation Garden

Meditation Fountain

In the rush and commotion that fills our modern-day society and lives, a place of peace and tranquility will help to offset the load of the daily stresses we encounter. Enter: the meditation garden.

Throughout the years of history, many different civilizations and cultures have employed the use of meditation gardens in an aim to provide a place of retreat and to create an atmosphere that evokes a soothing calmness and which fosters a deeper feeling of connectedness to nature.

Though more recent Benedictine abbeys and monasteries have typically featured large and formal designs, Santa Rita Landscaping will be happy to help you create one on a smaller scale that will work perfectly for you and your surroundings.

We are proud to feature an example of our donated fountain in this recently completed Benedictine Monastery Meditation Garden. Santa Rita Landscaping worked in conjunction with Turner Designs LLC and many others on this successful project and we wish to thank them.

Giving lots of their time and energy to help design the area, move and remove tons of dirt and gravel, install the irrigation, and do the planting, are:

*Bob Grimes and his crew, clearing the area with his Bobcat.
*the Landscaping Volunteer Committee
*the Knights of Columbus
*Northwest Landscaping

Civano’s Nursery supplied plants and trees, and Rudy Hodges donated a beautiful bench that he made. The large and lovely flower pot was provided by Glazed Expressions Pottery and Santa Rita Landscaping gave the time and materials necessary for installing the beautiful fountain.

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